For the price of a large pizza, a round of drinks, or two taxi rides, you can fully equip and prepare an at-need student in rural Guyana for many years worth of learning. Just 19 USD provides everything they will need to help meet their scholarly potential — this includes the backpack, all the instruments illustrated (plus more), and the shipping fees too!

Prepare a Student for Life, Today

The tools for learning each student will receive with his/her backpack will include: Notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, felt-tip pens, chalks, an eraser, scissors, and a geometry set. Because we purchase these items in multiples, we can reduce the cost significantly for the donor.

In Guyana, the average amount spent per-student per school year is less than $1. By purchasing a backpack for an at-need student, you are making 20 times the impact on their education than existing structures can achieve.

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Students at LachmanSingh Primary School


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